Vibes is a necklace and an app that let you tap into any room’s atmosphere. The app allows the user to upload different experiences based on the vibes that they want to tap into. The necklace then either emits different coloured lights based on the sounds in the room or is simply used as a "wearable light show." Adafruit Flora, an Adafruit Microphone Amplifier Breakout and Neopixels were used to create the electronic harness that was then attached to a custom-made laser-cut necklace. (The original tutorial can be found and followed here: Since the main idea of the necklace is to create experiences based on sound, cover art of Joy Division's Unknown Pleasures album was used as the main inspiration and element of the logo. 
Promo video

*Song featured in the video is Madame Ghandi's "The Future is Female" (all rights are reserved by the artist).*

Samples of the app's screens
Video of the app in action and interactive prototype
Laser-cutting diagram (inner and outer cut lines not to scale) 
and wiring diagram
Final piece in action at the Humber Portfolio show
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