In 2023, I completed a 3-course certificate program from the University of Toronto's School of Continuing Studies. Through this program, I got a better understanding of the current Digital Marketing landscape, learned to develop digital strategies rooted in consumer and market insights, and familiarized myself with tools used in the industry (such as Google Keyword Search, various SEO platforms, Google Analytics, etc.).
Within group work, outside of collaborating on the responses to the assignments, I was also responsible for putting together the final pieces of the projects. These pieces included PowerPoint/Google Slide presentations, PDFs developed in Adobe InDesign, social media post mockups for the Flash Pack and IKEA projects, and a final presentation video for the Lilliput Hats team.
Foundations of Digital Marketing Strategy and Management
For the final assignment of the course, developed a digital campaign strategy for Flash Pack in partnership with Jennifer Wiseman. Before developing the campaign, we conducted research on the company, identified consumer insights and the brand's target audience, and defined the channels to be used to launch the campaign and tactics to measure its success. For the final campaign, we identified the market opportunities and challenges for the brand, established our goals and objectives, and developed a "Find Your Pack" campaign.
Search Engine Marketing
For the final assignment of the course, developed an SEO strategy for IKEA in partnership with Veronica Podluzski, Euan Scoffield and Neleny Sivananthan. Conducted research on the company, identified our target audience and their search intents throughout the buying cycle, and created an off-page strategy. For the final project, refined the strategy behind the pay-per-click campaign and its metrics, defined ad groups and ad elements for testing, and developed a display campaign which included a banner ad and recommendations for updating the site's landing page.
Social Media Strategy
For the final assignment of the course, developed a social media plan for Lilliput Hats in partnership with , Angelique Tajmir, Stacey Griffith and Angie Lall. Honed in on the company's voice and character and developed unique personas. Created a strategy framework based on the company's target audience, and identified our goals, strategy, objectives, goals, KPIs, and metrics. Reviewed the company's current social media presence and narrowed down the platforms to use in this initiative. Created unique content buckets that reflect the strategy's goals, while addressing the 7 Ps of marketing. 
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