Logo Design and Branding Elements
Created a logo based on the three main themes of "effectiveness (flower breaking though), mindfulness (plant and nature), and resilience (spiral)." The "main" logo features all of the colours that were used in the branding of the event, with each day having its own logo with just one leaf and one key colour. Three shapes representing the main themes were used as design elements based on the different days. Since Humber already has specific branding colours, we narrowed down three that were appropriate for SSPD, making the event feel unique to itself but also inline with the rest of the College's branding. Created variations of the logo and word mark to be used included as e-mail signatures, headers and footers on Word and PDF documents, and as headers for support websites, such as Eventbrite.
Event Calendar and Sample Speaker Bios and Course Outlines/Talk Overviews
Sample PowerPoint Slides that were Used at the Beginning of Every Presentation
Templates for Certificates for Daily Prize Winners
Promo Video for One of the Event Days
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